User protection

Get a fully secure payment environment while respecting data protection and payment regulations

A mastery of all European regulations


Our PCI-DSS certification allows us to increase the control of cardholder information in order to reduce the fraudulent use of payment instruments.


We comply with data protection rules by strengthening data protection for individuals within the European Union.


Our status as an Electronic Money Institution requires us to comply with the requirements of the Payment Services Directive 2 by guaranteeing fair and open access to the payment markets and by strengthening consumer protection.

A secure payment platform

Secure Servers

Our payment platform is made up of the latest generation servers, which are redundant on two datacenters for reliable and secure data processing.


Securing Bank Data

Bank card data is encrypted on our platform to guarantee total protection of information.


Internal Audits

The penetration tests carried out by our teams and certified auditors guarantee our compliance with banking standards and regulations.


Secure API

All exchanges from the online payment API are secured using an encrypted key system.