The collection offer dedicated to marketplaces, crowdfunding and collaborative economy platforms

Test the functionality of the API-money offer for free in your environment (account creation, payment transactions, etc.)

The collection solution that powers your service platforms via the management of electronic money accounts

Whatever your business, the payment stage is the most important part of the customer journey.

Our API-money solution is an all-in-one offer to help you manage payments and collections between your users.

API-money allows you to integrate your payment flows within your platform while guaranteeing total compliance with regulatory developments in terms of data protection and payments.

An offer led by W-HA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orange

Electronic Money Institution approval

European passport in more than 30 countries

GIE CB & Visa / MasterCard member

SEPA transfer

PCI-DSS certification

Why choose API-money?

Compliance with regulations

API-money is a solution from the company W-HA, Electronic Money Institution passported to Europe and approved by the ACPR since 2013.

Complete API easy to integrate

We provide you with a simple integration thanks to our documentation and our test environment (sandbox).

Secure collection and payment

Our expertise in the fight against money laundering and fraud ensures maximum security in the implementation of your financial flows.

User verification – KYC

We provide you with a state-of-the-art identity verification service for your users by combining different control techniques and compliance with European regulations.

Real-time management

Thanks to our dashboard, manage your transactions, commissions, users, e-wallets and financial reports with ease.

Proximity contact

Take advantage of dedicated support that will provide you with all the support you need to integrate and monitor our POS solution.

Some use cases




Collaborative pot

Money transfer

Trading platform



They trust us !


API for developers

Integrate our reliable and modular API for fast and simplified integration.

We are evolving our solution to best meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to our versioned API, you can also offer new features and upgrade your platform.

Finally, test our technology through our free test environment while being accompanied by our support team during the test phases.